Level up your confidence
through intergalactic quests
and real life challenges.

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The story

It's the year 2083. Humankind is expanding, planets are being discovered, solar systems are moving apart, space is still vast and enticing.

On the far edges of infinity, a deep rumbling sets on. Something has awoken. Emboldened by the greater spiritual and physical distance between planets and people, it’s creeping into the subconscious of sentient beings and wreaking havoc and desolation to civilizations.

Meanwhile, you're on earth. You just finished your last lecture for the day and are ready to head home. Your bus is scheduled to arrive in 5 minutes. It’s never late and always crowded but somehow there’s no one at the bus stop tonight. As you wait, a tiny firefly flies by you.

The catch: Fireflies have been extinct for 50 years.
So, what did you just see?

The game

In-game, you’re recruited to join a mythical and secretive order that's setting out to restore the balance and interconnection of people, space, and time. By traveling to different planets, you’ll uncover the truth about what’s coming and will face the followers of the rumbling in battles along the way.

IRL, you'll be part of a Discord community and go on virtual quests with real life challenges. The quests are text-based with images and video elements. Chapter by chapter and planet by planet, you’ll learn how to have better conversations and will level up your confidence.

While you go through the levels alone, you're not alone on the server or in the game. Anytime you land on a new planet or get stuck on the planet you're already on, you can turn to the community for help and support.

The Team

Introducing the duo that will challenge and support you on your journey through space and IRL.


Space girl.  Radio host. Practically immortal for human standards. What’s left of Greek deities. Does not miss a beat. Will make a worthy knight out of you no matter how hard you resist.


Water creature in a drought. Pop idol. A piscean siren princess, left people-less, deserted, fending for herself. In a solar system where sensitivity is mocked, she turns it to strength, creating serene melody.


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